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The Curious Affair Of The Witch At Wayside Cross

Now this was a mystery which was so well plotted and even well written to the point that I was able to enjoy it so fully, and when I thought I have everything figured out, the author surprised me.

I was so surprised at how everything turned out, the ending being perfect in a way I never expected it will be. And that this mystery is a lot more than it seems, going from the death of a single man, to the disappearance of a baby. And a lot of reveals towards the end where I am so surprised by how it turned out.

The main character is Miss Lane, although I will have preferred to known her full name. But she is the one doing most of the investigation even when very little leads turn up and she is turned away again and again, she doesn’t ever give up.

I do really enjoy and admire her as she tries to put this case together with the help of her partner, although not as involved as she is. The interrogation and trying to get information are all done by her, and she puts in the brunt of the effort. And I really enjoyed as she slowly found clues and leads, all the while talking to people and learning more about them.

The entire plot is entirely what I will expect of the story, not easy to see and needing a lot of time just to really come to fruition. But once it does, everything comes together nicely, the mystery solved in the end. But the entire mystery is more than just one, it stretches and gets bigger. As the people involved are all not what they seemed.

And I guess, there was where I was completely sucked in.

Rating: 5 out of 5


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