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Wicked Like A Wildfire

I just found myself rather liking, for the writing and the way it did handle magic. Which to my ideal was a lot more new than any other. Although a tad vague.

However, the main issue of the story is that it takes forever for it to move the plot forward. Up until halfway, the story was more concerned about the sensory descriptions which were indeed gorgeous, but boring.

It really only got good when the whole magic comes in and her kinsman are revealed. I really like that part for the originality and the way that it felt so incredibly real and true. And in fact, was the best part of this book in my opinion.

Iris, is okay I just really didn’t care enough about how she is portrayed. Apart from the fact that her mother and her have a strained relationship. Or her sister who eventually decides to save her sister, I don’t really want to get into the details now. It’s really better if you read the book.

The myths and the setting were one of its brightest points, for it is rather different in the place of Our Lady Of Rocks. And also, the myths were so incredibly fresh from what I knew of the setting. And if there is mythology blended into a story, I always love it. And here, I guess it was well intertwined as I did care about the fates of them and their choices from there.

So, I guess this worked for a multitude of reason when it came to me. However, I do believe that whether you want to read this is up to you. It just was to my taste, but not completely faultless either.

Rating: 3 out of 5


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