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Iron Cast

For a moment, I just didn’t found myself captivated by this. Although the writing was readable, and the characters on some level relatable, and also, the world did seem rather different.

The things which I did like was how diverse it was, and how it handles a book without too much romance. It does show that not everyone needs a love interest, but the main problem is that there really is nothing else other than that.

Corinne and Ada are just there, apart from having a lot of friendship and a good relationship. There really is nothing else that defines them or makes me interested in them. They are just there. Which I consider a major flaw, and the diversity to be one thing that I did enjoy.

As for the world, hemopaths are indeed an interesting aspect of this world. Which I find rather well explained but just wasn’t explored too much. I didn’t find them doing too much magic or testing how much, it just felt there although given a good context. And the setting, apart from it being in the 1910s, I know zero things other than that. Again, another flaw since the background is simply too sparse and doesn’t help support and define where it is set in. Although it does seem to be more towards the 1920s if you ask me.

Overall, I don’t really dislike this work but I just don’t find it all that thought provoking and several aspects which I feel could have been done better.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5


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