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Traitor’s Hope

Well, this was indeed the most surprising since it is not only just a sequel but also somehow seemed a rather different yet heavily inspired Japanese fantasy.

Although there are no Samurais, and that the system is a little confusing since it was not really explained to me while I had to make some guesses here and there.

However the characters were rather okay, although they blended in at times and I found the plot a tad aimless. It’s like I don’t really know what is happening but the book neither really tried to bridge the gap as to what happened in the previous book.

So I found myself quite lost hut rather liking the narrating characters and the writing felt do incredibly real and even easy to read. Which is really easy for me to read and even understand.

So, overall I really liked the way it is written and the unique kind of fantasy, it takes some aspects and turns it into something new. But I believe that the execution could be better as I found myself quite confused overall.

Rating: 2 out of 5


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