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Defy The Stars

You know, sometimes Sci-fi does work for me. Even if it is more the rarity rather than the norm. And this book is that rarity.

I mean, the story isn’t just about science or anything. It is about violence, has a touch of religion and also about robots having a soul. That is something that I will prefer to read instead, science which had an impact. Science which will create different viewpoints.

And you know, I just love Noemi. She never compromises herself, but she slowly accepts and eventually falls in love with Abel since she realises he has a soul. Nothing else, but that was enough to convince me of their romance. It was a believable ride, with neither really changing themselves too much.

As for Abel, when he slowly grows to care for Noemi it is done well, and gives him a slight human touch. However, it does not define him. It doesn’t make him who he is. It just helps him grow to be a human, and as a reader who doesn’t love this kind of stuff.

As for the touch of religion, where Noemi is so, and she doesn’t change so much. Eventually, it will fade and her views will change slightly but it still remains the same. She still is the same girl we see at the start, all ready to sacrifice herself.

The world is made up of many planets with humans living on almost all of them, and there are a lot of difference in opinion in the world as it is. Genesis and Earth are having a war, Cray is a place for all those geniuses and Kismet as a tourist attraction. All the while, the mechs are important as it takes a lot of space since Abel is one. And there is a lot of argument there, whether Abel is that disposable and whether he truly is a completely different being. And that whether he actually has a soul despite having almost everything a human has.

And this book did make me think, and immersed me in all of it. And for sci-fi, it is rare for me to ever do so. And I guess that I will wholeheartedly recommend this, for it is talking about something that does deserve attention in this day and age.

Rating: 5 out of 5


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