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The Cardinal’s Man

I really like the tale. Written in such a way that interested me, and about a very interesting person.

The life of court dwarfs aren’t that nice, having to make a fool of themselves and probably do all sorts of things. Sebastian is one, although he does take it but because he has little choice while hiding his mind.

I enjoyed his mind, and the kind of beliefs that he held. All the while may be educated but he mostly spent it being a fool rather than used despite his intelligence. Although Sebastian is used in plenty of court intrigues, and the Cardinal is someone that becomes an important part.

But Sebastian was the soul of the novel, he is the main voice of it all. Describing everything in such a way that made him stand out to me as a charming man.

The court intrigues was very easy to understand and even I like how it is presented. Sebastian is the centre of it all, along with the king and of course the Cardinal. Although the future king Loius XIV was born, but some doubt his parentage.

And that I liked how it was handled here, with Sebastian escaping court and serving in the future Spanish court. In a way that I never expected him to, all the while being born out of a painting leaving a lot up to interpretation. But everything still fits nicely with the timeline.

Personally I like the research put into this story. And overall, Sebastian is the core of the novel. If you dislike him, chances are you won’t like the novel.

Rating: 4 out of 5


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