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The Macedonian

I will say that this proved surprising to me. Although most ancient books tends to be a miss with me, this isn’t. It really makes me feel something for it.

It is about Phillip, who is the father of Alexander and a king in his own right. He does deserve respect and his portrayal was definitely one that will keep you on sympathetic.

The most good thing was that Philip remains the centre of all this, which is important given that I have read a lot of books with many characters but simply weren’t interesting at all.

As for the background was excellent and well fleshed out, given that this is Ancient Greece, and everything is more or less up to speculations since there is little that we know about them. The author filled in the gaps well enough and I enjoyed this story very much.

I did like some of the more complicated relationships, such as that of Phillip and his mother. It certainly felt real to me, all the while having some side characters who really won by sympathy. As well as a fair bit of villains.

Overall, this was really enjoyable for me. Interesting and definitely full of flavour.

Rating: 4 out of 5


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