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Walk The Earth A Stranger

The strongest point of this whole book is the main character. I found her strangely believable, and able to keep to herself make sensible choices and try to escape when things get terrible for her. Girl is definitely a brave one, and what she does is rather classic of almost any other girl in such a system. Dress as a boy.

I just found her strangely relatable, since she doesn’t bitch about her life, neither does she seem like a hypocrite. And that there are some interesting female relationships here.

As for her uncle, I really hate him. Yes, the author succeeded in making me hate him as a person with a passion. Trust me, I will like to see him conveniently fall off a cliff so that he will no longer haunt Lee. Well, that is the one thing which I will like about them.

However the plot is for lack of better word nonexistent. Yes, it is nonexistent. And I found myself asking where this was going where in actual reality it is just setting up the next book. There is a lot of things that happen to Leah on the road, it just doesn’t seem that impactful if you ask me.

The writing flows very well, and I really could feel Leah as a character. Perhaps another reason why this worked so well for me, but sadly it lacked a lot of details on the plot or anything inventive which will really buy me.

Overall, I did find this okay if a little underwhelming. Leah is a good character, Hiriam is a good enough villain that I do hate him. But the rest of it, honestly could use some work.

Rating: 3 out of 5


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