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The Cursed Queen

Well, this was okay. Although I will admit that the Impostor Queen was much much better.

This isn’t about Elli, it is about Ansa and is a warrior for a tribe extremely brutal and also having quite a love for her best friend Thyra.

I just couldn’t really connect with Ansa at all, as well as most of the characters here for most part. Elli had her great dilemma in the first few chapters and eventually she moved from there and worked on it. She found herself with her own choices.

Sadly, Ansa doesn’t have that. The book was slow, and it simply was detrimental that it was written in her viewpoint. Which I found rather lacking. However I really did like how she dealt with it, apparently none of the better characters were around with her.

As for Sig, I just like him. In fact, despite he can barely hold a decent conversation with Ansa, due to language barrier. But nonetheless I like him, as in the way that I wish to. And the way he helps Ansa, sad to say, it was really small.

As for Ansa being the Valtia, we know that was coming this way since Elli has no magic and is only masquerading as the Queen, while Ansa is the one with all the power. It is a little sad that Ansa and Elli barely meet, even then it is mostly so limited.

However, I will look forward to the sequel. Although this was solid, it just wasn’t completely living up to my expectations.

Rating: 3 out of 5


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