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The River Witch

This was just written a little too distant for my liking and made it very difficult for me to like any of the characters at all.

Tabitha and Lysander were rather relatable, but it was just really difficult to care about them on their own. They just didn’t really touch me or made me care for either of them.

As for the plot, I do find it rather okay. If a little slow at times, and sometimes it takes a little too long for something to happen.

Although the whole idea of witches were interesting. But I just didn’t think they were explained nor explored well enough. It just didn’t feel as though anything happened here at all, and that there wasn’t a journey to boast about as well.

Overall, I just didn’t enjoy this at all. Neither of the characters were particularly compelling nor could I really understand them or connect with them. The rest was rather okay, and because of the lack of connection I just didn’t feel like the book was satisfying. But the beginning caught my eye initially.

Rating: 3 out of 5


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