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Heir Of Locksley

I found this really enjoyable as a Robin Hood tale. The liberties the author took was something which I found really enjoyable and even entertaining for that matter.

As for the story, it is rather tragic at times as this is going to make him the men he was. Who he was and what he was. Although it is clear that he will have no wife or son, but I like how the author gave her touch to this romance. It was short but tragic. As Robin Hood does everything for her.

The villains wise, one really needed someone to knock some sense into her. And one just fell flat. Although Guy did have a back story which made him who he was and what he was. But it just pales in comparison to the kind of the entertainment I got from really good villains.

But overall, I found this rather satisfying as a tale. Not to mention how the story worked in such a unique way, with the author taking liberties making a satisfying origin story when it comes to Robin Hood. There is much growth here, and that is why I liked it.

Rating: 4 out of 5


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