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DNF @ 40%

I just gave up. This wasn’t for me, or at least no longer. With time by taste have gradually refined, and this just didn’t cut it any longer.

The story is about Violetta who is a princess whose father wants her to marry. And well, of course who she chooses to is the main problem. As though it could not be much more than marriage. Rather than the politics of the kingdom, the gender politics and even whether a Queen should rule. It just feels as though he doesn’t even think much other than Violetta should be Queen.

But there are so many other things it could have focused on other than romance. I’m not even kidding. There could have been more ploys, schemes and who could have been her suitor.

But she just picks, her father wents angry, the world is infused with magic. That doesn’t interest me any longer.

And you could say that I’m just sick and tired of this after all. I just don’t want to read about romance, about princesses who are simply too naive about their own country’s state. Or raised to know that she must do her duty regardless of her personal feelings.

And this is where I say, I’m seriously out.


2 thoughts on “Phoenix

    1. I have the same opinion too, unless of course if it includes politics. I’m a sucker for those but this was just too simple for that and it was like every other fantasy book with princesses in it.


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