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Eye Of The Moon

This was just very surprising. It had a huge touch of the paranormal and definitely felt very very Gothic.

This is a mystery, and a thriller. Slow at the beginning, and for much of the book. But by the end, there were plenty of secrets revealed, a touch of the occult and bizarre things happening.

As well as plenty of stories told on the way, such as Bruni and her family. Johnny and his, as well as Alice. All of them come together to form an interesting tale, filled with family secrets and a bit of the occult.

The ending was really interesting and satisfied me. With many secrets revealed, a rather good ending that still had a lot more beyond it. All the while combining the more complicated sides of Gothic fiction all together.

I was really interested in the main characters as you can say, invested in them. Which made this a lot more enjoyable, Percy and his eventual mistakes leading them here. As well as Johnny and their upbringing, they were close like brothers and I truly felt their closeness here.

By the ending, things have largely changed so much from the beginning. Such as the characters who all have a part to play here, it doesn’t feel as though any of them are wasted. And the plot is complicated and twists in many many ways.

Overall, this was immensely satisfying and in all ways comepletely clicked with me. I enjoyed and savoured the work slowly, and if you’re like me a fan of more Gothic works then this is for you.

Rating: 5 out of 5


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