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Again, I was just plain confused. Nothing else, I just didn’t understand where this book was coming from or where was it about sleepwalking.

Well, if it was dreams and all the places Debbie visited, she strangely was a lot more lucid than she was before. But I feel that the writing was just too bland and forgettable, I barely remembered much about it at all.

Debbie lacked something which I could connect with her, it was probably a lot of drive. I mean it, I didn’t understand what was her reason to even exist here at all. That was something that I never felt from her. She just existed without any reason while the plot revolved around her, yet I knew so little about her, much less cared about her.

And you know me, when I don’t understand a character I probably won’t get the book either. The main character is the tying point when it comes to me, that they are the ones who care who make it important. If Debbie ends up being like an aimless zombie, I could guess that there isn’t a lot to write in the story at all.

And that was where this just failed me. I just didn’t understand what this existed to do at all.

Rating: 2 out of 5


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