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Knight Of Sherwood

I think that the author took enough liberties to make the work feel hers yet so Robin Hood.

He does feel like the outlaw we all know and love who has stolen from the rich to help the poor. And as usual, I like the way he was portrayed. As for the LGBT angle, I really liked it. Robin Hood is rarely associated with any woman at all, and even then the relationship just seems like an afterthought rather than anything else. A gay Robin Hood was comepletely possible, not to mention he possibly existed under two very famed to be thought of homosexual kings.

Even more so, the plot was really well thought of in the end. How the story went and developed was really well enjoyed and liked by me. I really did like Robin Hood and all of the characters here, with the point of view rather fitting. As it is able to give a very good understanding of all the characters and their thoughts, as well as the situation there. I found it rather fitting.

You could say that this is a retelling that lives up to the name of Robin Hood and all the stories told from it. It does take something new to the table and the author has her creative touch her, which just clicked with me. Overall, I will recommend this work.


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