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A Mortal Likeness

I really liked this, for the tale that it tells is a lot more complicated than it seems in the first place.

They are hired to find the truth as to why a baby was kidnapped. And I really liked how the twists here all worked out. There were many characters with a more interesting connection to the story rather than the ones I usually see.

And the whole story behind Sarah and Hugh together were an interesting one. They are friends, since Hugh is gay and she has her own lover. Just the Sarah is a photographer and Hugh helps in solving mysteries. I really liked the diversity here, and that Sarah was a rather strong character amidst it all.

As for the personal background, I liked how Sarah’s father affected her too. That he had a presence here and gives her a little more depth. And I think the next book will reveal a little more about her father and perhaps the main case of it. But in a sense, Sarah also affects this, her having some emotional investment and help also works too. Especially towards the end where all the twists came crashing down, with Sarah constantly wondering who was guilty and who was not.

Although there were wrong accusations, innocent people becoming guilty. And this are all normal with the evidence always hinting them to be such since they don’t ever talk about their emotions. All the while anyone here is a suspect and has a motive too. Not to mention, clandestine romances and secrets.

I think the title completely fits this story. And describes it to a tee. Most of the suspects here are complicated people, and quite like who we know from our everyday lives. Overall, I really liked this work for all it stood up for and the surprising mystery.


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