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Wonder Woman: Warbringer

I really enjoyed this work. The wit and humor really got to me surrounded by a cast of extremely interesting and diverse characters who brought this to live.

I really enjoyed the liberties she took with the story and setting it in modern day New York, it fits it perfectly and completes her. All the while the inequality Alia faced, is present and touched upon in a way I like.

Diana, I believe was finding her footing and I did like her quite a lot. She did go through a lot and with this, I once again find out why I like superheros in the first place. Although complicated dark characters will always be first in my heart, but Diana is a heroine who never wavers. I thoroughly enjoyed how Diana is not going there because of a man, but because she wanted to save a girl. Romance is little here, but in a way that I absolutely enjoyed it.

As for the villain, although predicted since I did see him as a possible threat from the beginning. I knew that he was likely a major aide or probably a threat. And well, I will be sad to see him go. But I did enjoy the place he served in narrative and how he did compliment his sister. And also, I really really liked him. Strange, don’t you think.

As for Alia, when it comes to wit she has it all. I enjoyed her remarks, her comments for it was enjoyable and even interesting. She may be a war bringer but she is someone that I sympathise with and the fate that she is saddled with as a war bringer. All the while I did see her grow and learn. Which was another favourite you could say.

Overall, you don’t need to watch the movie. It is seperate from the book in its own way, and makes it even more enjoyable with the cast. As for how Diana has her name, I like that it was simply an addition from Alia. Makes this entire story even more memorable for how female friendships were more important than romance. Sisterhoods do need some representations. And finally, the wit and most importantly that this was a novelty which I always found lacking in superheroes.

Rating: 5 out of 5


2 thoughts on “Wonder Woman: Warbringer

    1. It’s a recent thing, with ya going further and further into the superhero genre andthere are still three more to follow (Batman, Catwoman and Superman.) One of which comes out next year in January, the rest I’m not too certain.

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