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Land Of The Lost Tribe

Now this was a tale worth reading. About Eldad as he slowly travels the world and gains a lot of knowledge. But Eldad was easily understood and even relatable.

Most importantly, this was a journey. A journey to him as he goes through endless struggles, never reaching his destination but somehow gaining a lot on the way. Although I will have wanted more attention paid to Hadassah, she wasn’t explored enough. I will have wanted a little more time to develop their romance as simply more than just a friendship.

But otherwise, Eldad’s journey is a deep tale. As he discovers more and more about the Jews scattered across Europe. Not just that but also, the people he meets. But I found him to be just too good, he didn’t seem to have much of any moral weaknesses. And he wasn’t too entertaining. It was more entertaining to read about the side characters who appear here in fact. Especially Judith.

I liked the part with Eudoxia the most. She was strangely the most interesting character here even more than Eldad. And that I do think that this may be a series given the way the epilogue was written, and that there just was some things which weren’t tied up.

I do enjoy the part reading Judith, she does show plenty of intelligence to be Queen. And even when she became Queen, she was very very sensible in her choices. Such as how the epilogue showed that, it was glorious. I will say that if it is about her and conquering the Akusm kingdom you can count me in.

Overall this served as a very well thought out and well written book if you ask me. But Eldad isn’t always the best main character, he has a lot that doesn’t compel me to read him. But the side characters completely made up for it.

Rating: 4 out of 5


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