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I feel rather mixed about this book. On one hand it did probe to be a fun ride for most of it, but eventually it just became what I read so often in paranormal all over.

Although I do like how Lainey handled it, that she was wanting answers and demanded them instead of just waiting around. Not to mention her denial was so incredibly real, before she becomes quite like a hero. And frankly to me, those have lost all their shine to me. And there was where I believe it didn’t work.

There were many pop culture references which honestly wasn’t annoying and sometimes fitting, as well as up to date. It does make it feel so, however it does feel a little off as not everything does speak about superheroes in such a large scale in the book. But it was still passable.

However I believe that the plot could have been handled better. I did see that it went down the most normal route known to readers, plenty of fighting and discovery. But really, I am sick and tired of it.

As for the whole world that is hidden from here, it is rather basic as to what are the kinds of creatures here, fairies, vampires, etc.

This was really a case where it simply didn’t work for me as it was not to my taste. I preferred something a little more unique, or with a little more unique stance. Unfortunately this just didn’t cut it, and originally it just had its charm before towards the end it lost it.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5


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