2017 Wrap-up


Okay, let’s see all that I have done this year. As well as make note of the more memorable blog posts that I have written which drew in the most amount of traffic.

Most popular blog post:

Legend of Miyue

I don’t really understand the popularity of this, but can also guess that since it is showing in Singapore and I’m a Singaporean, perhaps it just gained an even larger footing in the last month or so.

But it had a long run since I wrote it back in June to July 2016. So, it has gotten a lot of traffic.

My most popular book review:

The Midnight Star

This has gotten 50 views in the past year or so, since I only put it up last year. Surprisingly, it has done well while my other two reviews haven’t.

Most popular anime/manga post:

Change Xing

A manga about the Princess Yongning, niece of Emperor Taizong who framed her father in the Tang Dynasty. Dresses as a man quite often, but nonetheless still drew in traffic. Don’t really get the idea.

No of books I consumed this year:


My original intention was 40 books, but I overshot it by quite a lot as it seems. And during this year my taste in books had largely changed so much that I probably will have rated all the books I read last year much much lower.


Around seven to eight of them, but not all I have written reviews for. There is a limit to how many reviews that I want to end up waiting.


I have written over 300,000 words this year. Which is a surprise when I take into account all I have written, including some fanfiction which will never see the light of day or works which I have gave up on.

And that’s a wrap to this year.


2 thoughts on “2017 Wrap-up

  1. 278 books??? How is that even possible? I think I probably finished less than, say, 15 or so. And a few more I didn’t finish. Though I probably have you beat on word count. 😀 Even so, I should probably read more. Have a great 2018!

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    1. I also don’t know how I even managed it too, still rather surprised at it. And yeah, I had gone through a lot of things this year and well writing wise, was better than my last year’s word count. Same to you, have a great 2018

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