New Year’s Resolution

My resolution for this year is to read over 150 books, I’m setting my bar low as my previous year was very very ambivalent. Given the number of books I didn’t enjoy and the number of books I did. So, this year, I will be a little more picky.


Definitely my intentions to branch this out. I am interested in much more works in the anime section than books, apparently a lot of the works which inspired me have been anime or manga. And there have been some which I was very interested in. So, I will be watching more anime and reading more manga.


This year will be the year I finish quite a lot of things.

My first priority is:

Finish the rewrite of the novel I intend to publish.

Work on the rewrite of Hidden Within Dawn. Which was a work that I’m working on the second draft, really heavily. As I’m mostly taking things apart and putting them together again, piece by piece.

As well as continue working on some new works. The previous month gave me a lot to work on, and I had a lot of inspiration when it came to some of them. I won’t unveil them as of yet, since they still need a lot of work on the concept.


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