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Impossible Saints

I really never felt so much agony for the main couple ever at all. It is different from my expectations and even what I expected it will go into.

This is a tale of romance that stretches, that will make you feel sad and hope for something. That their seperations are because of their ideology rather than some unfortunate events. It isn’t because of any tragedy the main couple cannot get together, it is merely a matter of ideals, personalities. And this is where I just fell in love with all of this.

Lilia was definitely born in the wrong century, she is the modern woman we know today able to make her own choices and flaunting it. She will not be an angel in the house, and she will fight her way for the vote. From the beginning, she captivated me and her journey was not about love and learning to love. She never compromises on her beliefs and it leads to all sorts of interesting discussions.

As for Paul, he is a clergyman. And eventually he also decided on his own path temporarily but eventually will get together. But he has his own ideals than he can’t get over, and by the end he has changed. Even more than Lilia, but I will still like her for her views in how she never deviates nor ever changes from them.

Even more so was how the book had so many moments where wit was included in such an interesting way that definitely caught my attention and made me laugh in such a way that I never expected it too, nor even the way I recognized how true it was.

Overall, this was just really enjoyable. This isn’t the normal romance, but it is very true. There is changes and compromises on both sides, but never deviating too far. As for the ending line, I loved it. It was perfect. And finally, this just never was what I thought it will be. But it proved to be what I needed most.

Rating: 5 out of 5


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