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A Crown Of Wishes

This was better than the previous book. Although I neither liked Gauri or Vikram particularly but at least there wasn’t the case in the first book. That was unique in a way that it could not be more hilarious in the wrong way.

And this was different in its own way, and well the motivations are paper thin. I’m more confused by the ending than anything else and how things turned out.

The Serpent King barely had an impact or even appeared, even then I do not think he is some great evil. An extra to be seen really.

Well Aasha did have some interesting moments as did Vikram having a very interesting past. I mean, what kind of guy dresses as a courtesan. Those are a rarity in fiction. But Gauri failed to ellicit any emotion from me.

Overall, a much better work in comparison to The Star Touched Queen but there is still much to be desired.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5


2 thoughts on “A Crown Of Wishes

    1. I agree that at times I found it hard to read and even often skimmed it. And that by the end of it, I sum it up in one word: boring.


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