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Les Miserables Manga

This was a surprising adaption. Although I’m not entirely familiar with the story which is why I chose to read it in this form. But I was rather surprised at the scope and disappointed at the lack of closure.

I mean, the ending is just hanging there with no real conclusion in my eyes. But the story, the flashbacks all feel so real and true. It felt as though I was truly understanding them.

Cosette’s back story, Marius and his history regarding his father and grandfather. Who were interesting people to say the least. Cosette’s mother and Jean Valjean. This were all interesting stories which touched me.

The art style was rather nice and suitable. Similar to many styles but having its own touch.

But I just found the ending and the story a little confusing. As there was plenty of flashbacks but not much on characters or even the actual core. I don’t even know whether this was because of adaptation or whether the original story was like this.

But the story have its moments albeit confusing and lacking a conclusion which I can say goodbye to.

Rating: 3 out of 5


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