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A Study In Charlotte

I have to admit that this just caught my attention, in a good way and I rather liked it.

Although the front part of it does need to be slightly better, at least looking at speed it moved at. The main storyline was introduced rather quickly which I liked, but the mystery just took quite a long time before I could solve it.

As for the reveal and the villain, I really liked it. The villain did have some real motives to do as she wanted to. And that it did feel believable. All the while she did it in such a way which covered all her tracks yet at the same time it revealed her personality.

Charlotte was flawed, she is an amateur detective but was really really flawed in a sense. I really did like how the author potrayed her as such all the while still making her the genius. In fact, her own mistakes may be the same thing as well.

I do like the whole history with two families and how it went down. It just didn’t work out well, and Charlotte simply did something wrong. And well, I liked that little bit on drugs and how it was handled here.

As for Jamie, well he was just there I guess. I found Charlotte to be really the one who really took the whole show.

Overall, I really liked this work for the mystery and the attention it pays to the work. It is rather refreshing to read this, where it takes a different stance on the series. Comepletely enjoyable and even likeable. Read this if you have a fondness for contemporary romance with mystery, and well this is a lot darker than I initially thought.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5


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