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A Thousand Pieces Of You

This was a really surprising book, since it’s the first one which deals with alternate dimensions and travelling through them. Which was a unique concept to take and also quite messed up to handle.

Marguerite changes due to the fact that she is travelling through each dimension when one small change causes a huge ripple. And she is an artist regardless of the time, but of a different art style each time. Not to mention, the way that she is focused on her dad. Yet this entire journey brought her on a roller coaster, I say this in not a very good way. Since it was hell for her.

I like how each version remains the same on many levels, yet all the changes are very subtle which changes everything. Such as the Tsarist Russia and its effects, to the various alternate dimensions which were indeed fun to know.

Strangely, I just found it rather difficult to get into at first but once I eased into it I really liked Marguerite at every angle. Her emotions, and all the journey she goes through. As for the ending, it was a satisfying one.

Overall, I found this really enjoyable and the author did have clear rules when doing something as difficult as alternate dimensional travel. And it was pulled off really well. I will still recommend this as it takes on a very difficult topic to even think about let alone write about.

Rating: 4 out of 5


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