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Song Hereafter

I guess I just lost interest in the book after a while. Since I just felt so horribly lost as to what was happening here.

I didn’t comepletely understand Estela or any of the characters here. The story is set in an interesting time against the backdrop of Spain in the twelfth century.

However, the historical facts were indeed what I found really there. As the scope of the book does appear to be a little large covering France and the Angevin Empire as well as Spain.

But I just couldn’t understand any of the characters or even where the story was headed. Well, guess this is where it gets me when I request a book far too ahead in the sequel. I was comepletely lost.

There wasn’t anything which drew me to this story at all. There wasn’t anything which really grounded me. I just found myself reading the writing with very little idea as to what was happening.

Although the writing was readable and full of things which intrigued me. But I was mostly confused about this.

So, you can say that I just didn’t feel for the story among all of it.

Rating: 3 out of 5


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