The King’s Peace 

This could have been executed a lot better. 

The beginning enthralled me and even captivated me, it just seems so empty by the end of it. I think the largest problem was that I didn’t care about Nathaniel at all. 

Or even what was happening. Nathaniel was forced into the entire quest which usually means that when he doesn’t do it, he dies. As simple as that, and as easy as that. It didn’t make me feel anything as Nathaniel had zero conviction and even interest to this, he was forced into it. 

He simply was at the wrong place at the wrong time, and stole some things. And got himself forced into this, and the author really didn’t make me root for him. It feels as though there is so little I know of him. Which makes it hard to say. 

It just doesn’t make for an interesting story at all. And none of the characters really interested me in that sort of way. 

Overall, I really found nothing enjoyable about the story at all. It just wasn’t to my taste at all, and well maybe I need a break from the epic fantasy genre. Nothing of it has been to my taste lately. And I gave it more than one day to wait. 


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