Le Chavelier D’Eon


If you’re looking for a piece of work set before the French revolution yet it is all about it, then this is the work. The questions it asks, the theme it shapes this are all showed here.

As you all know that the main character in history gave his name to a whole generation of transgender men, known as eonism as a result of his crossdressing as Lia de Beaumont.

I wasn’t expecting this given how little I knew about the time period. I just watched it because I was bored and this sounded good. Yes, I have zero idea about what was the plot about other than the time period. This anime simply gave me the interest to look all of this up on the net. Which I found some very interesting things.

Well, the whole idea of having his elder sister possess her younger brother was interesting. A very interesting and fitting interpretation. It could work both ways as I said.

Even if this anime is focused so much on the men, it is set in a time where the world was ruled by men. But there was so many women who were notable. Apart from Lia, Anna was a great character, yes I call her that because she is someone who is clearly capable of emotions, she feels and she loves. She is imperfect, she isn’t your idea of strong. But given all that she has been through as D’Eon’s fiancée I will say that she dealt it quite maturely.

Queen Marie, who was a really interesting woman. She holds a lot of the secrets as the anime unveils. Not to mention Queen Mary, who again is someone who comepletely gets D’Eon’s situation and I’m just leaving it at that. To characters such as Empress Elizabeth, and the future Catherine the great.

This touches a lot on the difficult times of the eighteenth century where as you know it was a time where nothing much happened and was known as the enlightenment to many. But it nonetheless showed a differed aspect to it, such as the difference in ideals that should shape the future. Whether a king is even necessary, whether a knight is outdated. This questions were explored and even asked in such a way that I feel it was deep and full of depth.

The art style is rather realistic, you won’t get huge eyes or even the kind of usual style that you will see in anime. It is very very much related to the real world. But for this story, it was a fitting touch.

The ending was just glorious, I cried at it but it was fitting in history in all ways. It showed that it was eventually following history regardless of what happened. Even with minor changes, but most of it went with the original timeline. There are some stretching of events, since the real Maximilien Robespierre will have been nothing more than a four year boy here. But all of it fitted to tell a deep tale.

So, as I said, this is something worth checking out if you’re interested in history like me. And of course, if you’re looking for something worth your time.


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    1. Well, guess I’m behind. Although when the anime was made I probably was liking Barbie dolls more than this. Which probably was something I couldn’t comprehend.

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