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The Count Of Monte Cristo

Well, the actual story is completely with me. But the reality of the manga is that it is too choppy. I didn’t feel the emotions Haydee did about Dante.

Or even what the heck was happening. It was just too summarised if you ask me. And well, it was like trying to tell a story that barely have any context to rely on.

Suddenly, Dante makes his move from the middle of nowhere. That happens all the time where I felt the transition was clumsy and could be handled a lot better. Not just once but many many times.

As for all the foreshadowing that occurred, well some of it was really grasped. Other just flew over my head.

Overall, I still liked the original work but the adaption just felt clumsy and honestly it could be stretched far longer than I thought. But the manga has great art, nothing else need to be said about it.

Rating: 3 out of 5


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