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Death Marked

I will say that this feels like an open ending but it really needs to be concluded a little better. And that it just was confusing.

As for the romance with Sorin, what just happened to it. I was really confused here, and that all of a sudden Illeni seemed to have gotten together with Evin. I’m really confused as to what is happening to the romance. And that it seems that all of a sudden, Sorin was no longer going to end up with Illeni but Evin.

As for the message, the world building felt so much on point, such as who was going to die, who will be affected and who is the one that is suffering. It is all about death, sacrifice. And I think this is the one that makes the most sense.

Otherwise, I feel that the plot could have been dealt with better than this. As for most of the book, nothing really happened until the end. Some of the scenes were the best and the most well written, fitting as a discussion if you were to ask me.

But there just was an ending which confused me more than anything. Ileni will be a healer, but I think that it is still not concluded yet. It feels so close to the ending but just doesn’t give me that closure that I craved.

Well, this book was rather disappointing. There were some up sides to this, but I feel that it should have been extended a little more. It was almost as though I was reading an incomplete work.

Rating: 2 out of 5


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