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For me, I realised that I have been rewriting a lot of works or looking into everything, again. Only one of them is complete, the other is quite closely so. But by that point, I figured out where I should go next. Although right now I’m a little less certain whether I will not just say that by the end I will find something new to improve on and start the work all over again.

But I’m just so unsure about whether I’m even heading the right way sometimes. Or whether I might just grow to be unsatisfied with it in a few months. Like I always end up doing with many of my works.

I rewrote a lot of stuff over these few years and many of my ideas have largely been elaborated or even changed.

Sometimes, I’m still not sure whether I should continue doing this.

But I think that sometimes it should be so. As some of this works even way back then, I knew I had to rewrite them. Or even edit them down to the core.

And for my other which wasn’t fully complete, it was something like a project which I thought up within two days. But it sounded pretty good to me. Also by the end of the draft, I did have an idea where I wanted to focus on.

As for my complete first draft, I had it left sitting for nearly four months. Although I spent some time reading and highlighting it, but I never made it beyond chapter four. When I returned to it, I had gone through a lot more and seen a lot more of ideas coming up. Some of which went to the work itself.

And now, when I’m going through a lot of editing and rewriting at the moment. I’m simply asking myself one question: is this a good decision? Or am I straying too far?

I really need some advice on this one, and well that’s why I’m writing this post.


2 thoughts on “Indecision

  1. There’s always going to be room for improvement. I usually revise stories each time I get a rejection. Each time you reexamine a piece, you would have evolved as a writer. You learn how to write better, and your ideas change. I don’t think there’s a anything wrong with reediting a piece, as long as you have a clear end point and do something with it, like submit it for publication or post to your blog. If you just shove it back in the desk drawer, then yes, you will keep changing it and never do anything with it.

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    1. Thank you, I think there is always such room. And yes, having a clear goal in mind helps or a deadline which keeps me in check. I will likely try to post it or have a beta reader see these new works. It certainly will do much to keep me on track.

      I guess there comes a point where you just have to accept that there is no such word such as good enough when it comes to writing. And I’m struggling a little bit in that regard.

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