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Falling Pomegranate Seeds The Duty Of Daughters

I have to admit that this was a quiet tale, a very quiet but nonetheless interesting tale. About a governess in Castille under Queen Isabella I of Castile.

I have to admit that the story was well written and displayed each daughter well enough. From Isabel, to Joanna the Mad as well as Catherine Of Aragon who will be Queen of England. Each of them are careful in how they are portrayed and nonetheless, the same for the Queen Isabella.

There is a lot of attention paid to them. As much as the details of the court was well researched indeed. As well as the many events.

Perhaps it was the fact that Beatriz is merely an onlooker than pains me. She doesn’t have much motivations or need to try so hard. She keeps her position, but I still don’t think that this story is about her. It is likely about royalty and the problems associated with it.

And although I greatly liked this tale, it was better to have focused on the princesses and their plights as well as the Queen Isabella I. Beatriz was just an onlooker to all this. She has a story, but her character has almost no effect on the storyline. So, you can say that she actually has little to do with this story as it is.

But overall, still enjoyable and well explored.


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