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Fanfiction: What Do I think of it?

It is a large debacle if you were to ask me about fanfiction. Some are bad, but some are well thought out, full of depth and takes a whole new spin on the original work. And at the same time, giving the vibe that most will see.

So, I say that it is a place where newbies and even experienced writers can practice. I have a couple of fanfiction ideas lying around, but I never really get to them as I’m doing other things. Even when I do, it mostly remains unfinished.

But nonetheless, it is a form of practice which I do enjoy. As you need to really grasp the nuances and characteristics of each character, and make them look well rounded instead of being a caricature or flat character. And when you insert an original character, one needs far more skill to pull them off than many think. Since most fandoms do have a strong hatred for them, and many times they resemble perfect, flawless characters who have zero story to tell.

That can really improve your ability to do characterization through action, words and even mannerisms and appearances.

Or whether your story is logical. This is also very important, whether the actions of each character is the same as what is told about them and whether it is similar to canon.

As well as whether your plot makes sense or has holes all around. In fanfiction, you may not be the one who understands canon the best and there are still people who can help you. Original fiction, you’re completely on your own in this regard.

So you can say that fanfiction allows many a writer to grow, and a place to just learn their craft. There isn’t the same kind of pressure that comes with original fiction, and although I never treaded into this. I never really got the confidence that I understood the work enough to be able to post it online. But in the beginning, that was how it was. I wrote plenty of fanfiction which never saw the light of day. It was just fun.

Until of course, I figured out that I wanted to be a writer. Some of my works still sit around in Google drive, or Dropbox. But it was my roots and did help me to start writing, even if it was just that little bit before I made the transition to original fiction.

So, I say that it helps writers grow and it is a beginning. We don’t need to come up with our own worlds, but we need good plot and strong characterization to pull it off.

What do you think about this topic? Leave it down below so we can discuss.


3 thoughts on “Fanfiction: What Do I think of it?

  1. I wrote fanfiction back in the day, so I can’t judge. It does help beginning creative writers, but starting a brand new story from starch is still the best approach. That way, you learn character development, world-building, sub-plots, and character descriptions. With fanfiction, most of that work is done for you.

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    1. I agree. But those were fun moments that I had which made me enjoy writing enough to try original fiction and move from there. It’s a good base to start with a place where you can get feedback to improve as there is a readership, and people who can help you. But the best option is always original fiction. But I found it daunting back in the day, where I had zero idea what to write (although I was only thirteen at that point in time).

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