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Fierce Reads: Kisses And Curses

As for this anthology, I also don’t feel like touching individual stories. And that most of them are rather consistent with the theme of it all.

Glitches was memorable as it allowed me to see where Cinder really came from. And what took her to get there. The same also do Bridge of Snow, since I do think there wasn’t a lot revealed about him. And this tidbit was insightful and yet reminds me of him in such a unique way.

Monster Crush was rather interesting, at least until the end when I began to really take an interest in it. As well as the concept which was very unique, and paranormal. Which really hasn’t been done before.

Fixer and Unstolen were rather easily forgotten, as was most of them with the exception of the Cypress project. That was really interesting in the sense of a whole new world, and one where another controlled it and leaving all of the poor, sick and aged to die.

As for the too clever fox, relatively interesting but rather forgettable too.

Rating: 3 out of 5,


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