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The Pillars Of The Earth

And this is a book that is the largest I have ever read, yet I have fallen in love with it. Comepletely.

The story goes between many characters who are all important. Tom, the first master builder, to Jack, the son of an outlaw and the second master builder. Ailena, who I really like and loved. Also, not to mention Ellen.

They were all characters I cared about, and somehow all their pasts were linked together. In a way that comepletely blew me away, it wasn’t what I expected but it was still enjoyable.

This work tells the story of a building of a cathedral, and mostly covers all the difficulties they faced. The endless trials. Rather it was romance or even the schemes they all placed. And well, intrigue does have its own hand here as it turns out to build a cathedral, the funds must be there. And it’s only the court who will provide it.

I found the entire story to be well placed, with every secret tying back to the story. The history and the setting well researched, not to mention all the characters whom I really cared about and loved. If that counts for anything, looking back at all my reviews which didn’t contain it, I will say that it makes a huge difference.

Overall, this was a brilliant and well woven tale. One which I will always recommend.

Rating: 5 out of 5


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