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Black Goat Blues

I just really didn’t understand nor care what was happening here. That was the main problem. The characters were flat and the plot was nonexistent, and that was just about it.

At the beginning the writing was rather charming, but right about the end I found it tedious and even annoying as it was just too much. It had so much context than what I initially expected or even decided. And that when I become confused I really get confused.

Charlie was difficult to even like as all his actions were written in such a way that I didn’t care the slightest for them at all. Or even know who was the characters at the end of the day. They were just uninteresting with the writing making it really difficult for me to understand. I just didn’t like the way it was written.

And when I can’t even stand the writing you know that this isn’t going to go anywhere. So, I’m just dropping this. I just don’t understand the writing or the characters nor even get what the story is about. Maybe it’s for you, but it is certainly not for me.


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