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Jane, Unlimited

And this is a book where I really liked the way it was written. The path of unlimited possibilities and the story of Jane and her choices.

This is really light on the romance but it is all about possibilities, her choices. And for once, this worked with me. Since the author had a very interesting view when it came to feminism, this was perfect. Jane and her paths, the choices she took all the while having a mystery set in a house.

As for Aunt Magnolia, she has a lot of influence on Jane. Something which I really liked, and the way the Jane constantly talked about her. And that she was the centre to this mystery which was rather paranormal to be said.

Although at times I was confused but the writing worked here, I enjoyed every inch of it and the way it showed all the characters. The choices Jane made and the effects it all had, and also finally the mystery of Aunt Magnolia. It started off a little slow, but the beginning really kept my attention in how it was about Jane moving into the house.

As for the ending, I will say that it is rather perfect. There is no perfect ending here, no ending that is closed. Just one filled with limitless possibilities of the imagination as shown above.

So, you could say that I just liked this. It worked with me overall, and it just all clicked. Will I recommend it? You can give it a shot, this isn’t for everyone after all.

Rating: 4 out of 5


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