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La Belle Sauvage

This was just unique and in a way drawed me in comepletely. The beginning about a baby girl and Malcolm which drives him to instead going on a trip.

The parallel world is similar to the world as we know it but with many different aspects which are very very different.

But at times, I just found myself zoning out as I read. Sometimes it wasn’t easy, as Malcolm was relatable but didn’t really stick with me. The ones which did was mostly about the baby girl alone. And who her father was.

Also, the boat name is definitely unique.

I found this an interesting read which just didn’t warm up to me. But I will likely continue for it did intrigue me about Lyra and where Malcolm and Lyra will go.

It didn’t exactly appeal to me at first. I liked it more than enough to give the second volume a try as there were moments where I just read it with much detail and moments where I skimmed.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5


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