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I just didn’t understand what this book was all about. And well, I really really tried. At first, it did manage to catch my attention. But there just wasn’t anything that I really wanted to read about here. 

I barely know anything about the world or even any of the characters at all. They are mostly just really really flat, and nothing really interested me about them. 

And the plot was nowhere. For lack of better word. And if I don’t care for the characters, I really won’t care for the plot at all.

Perhaps it is because I just read too much of this genre, and I expect something to be different rather than generic. Which with this always happens to be the latter rather than the former. And also happened with this book. 

Well, I guess I should take a break from this genre unless I’m certain that it is bringing something different to the table. Perhaps this is for you, but it certainly isn’t for me. 

Rating: 1 out of 5


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