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If you were to ask me, this doesn’t sound like something I will have enjoyed if it wasn’t by Marie Lu. But as you all know, I totally fell in love with her work. And this still works even if it isn’t what I will usually read.

I flew through this book, in a way that I have rarely done before. Since as I said, this was simple but so so gripping that I couldn’t stop turning the pages.

Set in the not too distant future about alternate reality and gaming, combined into one made by a child genius. But it completely took the idea to a whole new level.

The game here is very very creative. Yes, I can truly see the appeal of the game itself. The rules are truly ones which are unique.

The plot and the characters are all fairly simple. The plot twist was something that I saw coming miles and miles away, but it nonetheless made me even more curious about where it will go in the next book. It didn’t feel cheap, I still cared enough about the characters in their own way.

Emika has the best of intentions even when she uses methods which land her in jail. But I didn’t feel as though she was particularly complex enough, or her relationship with her father was clearly a lot more mature than it seemed. But in this case, it worked to a great degree.

As for the billionaire genius who created the game, I never saw that coming. I wasn’t expecting it, although I was guessing something similar to that reveal but really I liked it. His motivations were real, I could grip it. And he being the boy who had impacted the world in such a way that allows him to believe that he could do what he always intended to do. I felt that it was all too real.

Nonetheless, I liked the diversity here. The kind of different ethnicities, sexualities which it possible and nonetheless shows the international appeal of the story.

Overall, this just clicked with me. Sometimes going back to simple works is surprising especially if the author has a strong track record with me.

Rating: 5 out of 5


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