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Alanna: The First Adventure

Well, this was okay. It is like many epic fantasies that I know but as usual, it has its own charm. Alanna was intriguing in her choices but it was rather like any other book.

Though this precedes many of them given its publication date. But to me, I guess I just have read way too much in this genre regarding girls dressing as boys.

There is some exploration of it all, and there is some questions raised and some interesting viewpoints when it comes to Alanna and her beliefs as well as necessities. But it just feels too shallow and it never gets into anything which will have made me read and savour every word.

But other than that, the plot of this is very very classic and like many epic fantasies we know today. Just that Alanna is a character on her own and she doesn’t say or whine when things go hard. Just that once, but in a way that she learned something from that.

But overall, I guess it just was my expectations which were a little too high when it came to this. Or that I have just grown out of the epic fantasy genre, unless it has twists in it or complicated characters. But still will recommend it and I will likely continue to read the series.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5


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