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The Girl Who Saved Ghosts

Perhaps if it had been just that bit more gritty, I will have liked it. The concept was nice and caught my eye. It was very easy to like the main character, and I believed her on many levels.

I really cared about her relationship with her mother, which was rather interestingly more complex than I thought. Such as her love hoping that she will be part of her family because she was afraid. My most favourite moment of the book.

But the rest of it just fell flat on me. There is no other way to describe it at all. I couldn’t care a little bit, because I just didn’t seem to find it all that believable at all. Especially the plot in the later half of the book.

It seems so quick that all of a sudden there is some ghost against her, and she saves them. Way too fast and I could not even believe that was the villain and how quickly it happened.

I guess that it just wasn’t to my taste. I expected a little more development here, and well it just wasn’t to my stadnards. Maybe this is yours, but I just found the execution poorly done and the story to only be rather superficial. However, the main character is very very relatable and the narration is smooth.

Rating: 2 out of 5


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