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This was a really enjoyable work, at least to me. I found the tale of Maud and her life during her teenaged years fascinating.

And at the same time quite sad and even poignant, reflecting upon the helplessness of a girl in those times. Where she has to stay with someone and becomes extremely dependent on them.

Since this is a ya novel, at the end of the day it means that the ending will not go further than just barely into her adulthood but it was still satisfying. Maud got what she wanted albeit quite differently and her life even at this time was filled with interesting occasions.

As for all the characters who affect her, I like Laura the best she is her best friend at the end of the day. As well as eventually her own grandma who displayed her support for her to enter college behind her grandfather’s back.

Not to mention her stepmother, whom I found deplorable but not completely a villain. She was doing what she could to help herself, even if it was at Maud’s expense. But the ending of how it went down, the final confrontation with her was almost perfection.

Overall, this novel wasn’t hurt a biography, it truly told a story which I enjoyed thoroughly through Maud and her experiences which were rather unique and really made me feel for her.

Rating: 5 out of 5


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