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One Dark Throne

Again, I gave up comepletely that this will be worth my time. And like its predecessor, it fails to inspire me in any way possible.

The deadlock is there, just a three way deadlock with none of the Queens even remotely interested in getting the throne. I don’t get vicious backstabbing, double crossing or what I want. All I really get is mostly some underhanded scheming, and some near assassination. Which didn’t even make sense.

And that the world was about as empty as it was before. Think about getting answers, you will be getting none here regarding why this massacre started in the first place or even how come they keep on having triplets. I mean, it can’t be that precise all this while, right? There is no answer to this at all, and sadly, that will have taken my interest. If there was some information on why this sort of needless bloodshed started in the first place.

Most royal families are a lot more pragmatic than that unless they are completely isolated which the book doesn’t answer about it at all. And even in closed off societies, it means more heirs. Unless they have some way of assuring that these triplets will always survive to adulthood. Which again, the book doesn’t touch upon on how advanced is their medicine to ensure that infant mortality doesn’t hit them or how blessed they are.

So, the world really needs some development and also answering the questions. It is rather bizarre to have this sort of tradition without even addressing it within two books.

I mean, how was it not possible to entertain that idea. How was it not possible to know that it was so. And there was a chosen Queen, where I couldn’t give a damn about. I will rather see Queens who fight for their birthright rather than say they were chosen. Or think that they were. Because just a series of unfortunate things happen.

And in this series, I don’t get the brutal feud that I was expecting where each of them will be brutally killing each other. Or even one where there is some questions raised about the sanity of it.

Most of it, was spent on useless things which again contributed nothing to the plot. Or even about the themes of the book itself. Well, the throne clearly isn’t dark enough to have them forget their human nature for certain.

And overall, this was a disappointment. Far worse than the one which I had in the previous book.

Rating: 1 out of 5


7 thoughts on “One Dark Throne

    1. Just curiosity, there was something that I was hoping for since the last section of the book picked up and found it hanging in my library during days of having nothing to read.

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  1. Oh that was harsh haha I think we have a problem with high expectations and disappointment… I have been talking about this so much… XD it is so sad to hear that they don’t give answers yet… I think life just goes on in the book and that is all… maybe she doesn’t even know the answers yet (?)… I am sorry it wasn’t that good :/

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    1. It’s okay, I do hope that something will be said. But nonetheless I doubt I will be returning to this series, given the disappointment it gave me.

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      1. Yes, I guess the for the first one we had hope and then you got this one and all is gone. I will see if I ever get a copy of the title, and I will let you know how betrayed I feel XD

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