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What Do I Always End Up Writing?

It is one of the few things which I never understand about myself is that most of my works will have sequels before I say goodbye to them. And some of them are very very long, and turn themselves into sagas.

And I have tried many many times to think of it as a single book. But usually because I want to explore the world more thoroughly, I always have sequels or at least books which have sequels on the cards.

Although I rarely read long series in the first place, with the exception of The Shadowhunters, most of what I read has never gone past five books, and yet I always end up writing more than that.

And a lot of my works border onto the region calling nearly impossible to publish unless I’m a long time best-selling author, or self publishing is really the only option.

I do have the feeling why I end up writing such large works may be due to strong anime influences where works can go on for over a decade before its runtime is over.

Or that I simply let my imagination run as wild as possible to the point that I have explored every inch of the world, and by the end of the series itself it is definite that I will never return to it.

But let me think what you think of this, it is something that for some strange or weird reason I can never seem to escape. And when I try to elude it, I merely go to back to it, although thankfully writing a shorter work than if I had just let myself loose.

And of course, let me know what your writing experience covers. There was a good reason why I really need competitions to push myself into writing short stories, and well, it’s largely because by the time I finished the idea, it was usually longer than a novel.


2 thoughts on “What Do I Always End Up Writing?

  1. That’s an interesting tactic, to use contests to force yourself to write shorter. Inspired by endless-series anime? I hope your characters don’t stand around doing nothing but talking for full chapters about how bad they are going to beat the other guy up (a la Dragonball Z). 😀

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    1. That never happens, surprisingly. Well, not really endless series anime just long running anime that has been around for over a decade. And that although my stories do have battles, but I tend to avoid having just the villain be pure evil and the good characters always eluding them. I prefer characters with a more ambiguous feel than that. I never caught up to Dragon Ball apart from watching one of the original series a few years back. After a while, it seriously got boring.

      Thanks for commenting, I guess each writer has to have to use their own tactics. Since only they understand themselves and how they work.


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