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Mirror Sword And Shadow Prince

This tale was rather interesting, a look into Japanese folklore by the same author. As well as imagining them as quite different.

The story is like a folktale, which at times captured me for the way it was structured, and also written. But sometimes lost me as well. Some of it really eluded me while others continued to make a very good impression.

I don’t have any idea what is the actual story about. But nonetheless this was well crafted to say the least, such as the relationship between Toko and Oguna. The shift to the palace, for the Emperor and his various secrets. The man had a lot of them, no kidding.

All the twists revealed later were surprising, but at the same time completely plausible. But it all goes down to interpretation, and I barely even knew the Emperor. Which makes it hard for me to guess that he will hide something like what was revealed in the book.

The ending was rather perfect, in all ways tying up the loose knots. As well as giving a rather happy ending to this rather tragic tale.

But overall, I did find something greatly entertaining about this tale. Not exactly to my taste, but rather enjoyable.

Rating: 4 out of 5


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