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I found this beautifully crafted to create a haunting ghost story which I will remember for ages to come. That is likely to happen, when I remember the story. 

Such as about Mary, who is bullied to a severe degree and her uniqueness. Which draws the wrong kind of attention, like it should in those times. And eventually, she becomes a mute at the end of it. 

It is surprisingly set in alternate times, such as now and nearly 35 years back. The story is carefully told and reminds me of the many Gothic novels I have seen before, something mysterious happening but never getting an explanation. And the ending was completely understandable, and I greatly liked it. 

As for Ella, she is simply curious about it all. That is why she chose to go to Thornhill when it was supposed to end as it was. Ever since she seems to have parents that although are not dead, they are quite absent. Well, she looks around Thornhill and slowly discovers Mary, and the truth behind it. 

The illustrations are done nicely, and give a mysterious tone. As well as the story which is written as a journal of Mary, and details her life. Such as how she thinks about finding a solace from her own bully, because that bully just went too far. All because she was a different child. 

And to be honest, I liked it. The ambiguity, the kind of chill it gave me at the end of the day. It was completely enjoyable and a quick read. So, I recommend it to all those looking for a quick but good read. 

Rating: 4 out of 5


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