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The Stars Never Rise

This was a quick read. Very very quick read. I read it in one day, and derived a lot of entertainment from this.

The most surprising part is what the story is all about. That the well of souls dried up, and eventually making that for each soul born, another soul must be lost. But there is a lot more than that to it.

Nina was really very relatable, such as how she dealt with her issues. She did the best she could to her own younger sister, Mellie and tried as much as possible to stay away from her mother. I liked her since no matter what, she was really focused on her sister. And she really really does all she can.

As well as the fact that she probably cannot give birth to a child, and she doesn’t moan about it. And all because she has flat feet and a runny nose.

As for Finn, he is mysterious. But a lot more than that, I don’t feel that he is really into Nina at all temporarily. And well, there is still a lot more that is needed to explain about him. And of course the world as it was.

As for some of the twists, well they were rather okay. I didn’t really see them coming, but given at the speed I was reading this, it is not a wonder. But was it shocking to learn at all, no. It was something that was entirely plausible. Such as how almost all the real exorcists here are fakes, and all of them are covered in lies.

However, I really liked how it was planned. Such as how people have to become so hopeless that they will do this to save their souls. That they will throw their faith in the church, because there is really no other way to defeat demons. And when someone comes along and proves himself able to do so, they simply accept.

Well, it certainly was enjoyable. But only if you like the main character and the premise. Otherwise, this will be rather boring. I quite like it, because of the premise and Nina. Who was really relatable.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5


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