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The Address

Surprising story and work. Such as how family drama is blended nicely with historical fiction set in America. And well, making me enjoy something like this is difficult. But this book managed.

I cared a lot for Sara Smythe and her life. Such as her story, which was not one of happiness but of much endurance. Such as her choices at the end of the day which was selfless but at the same time fulfilled her. Her romance with Theodore, and relationship with Mrs Camden.

Mrs Camden initially was a woman I disliked before I realised her predicament. And even her own secrets nonetheless. At the end of the day, she was not all to despicable and I liked her towards the end.

As for Theodore’s, I really hate the guy. Well, towards the end all is revealed about him. And although I enjoyed the brief moments of romance at the front between he and Sara. I disliked it a lot more towards the end.

The plot was predictable, I could easily guess who did it and why Sara chose to take the rap. Easily to figure out, but didn’t remove the enjoyment I had from that reveal.

As for the modern era, I liked Bailey. But that was just about it. And I didn’t care that much for the storyline as compared to the one set a century before. Perhaps it is much more of nuance and even tension when compared to the modern era. Where it seems to be nothing but unraveling the mystery through their descendants.

Overall, I enjoyed the work for the time in America during the 19th century and the last chapters for the modern era. As well as Sara and Mrs Camden, who to me was what the story was all about. And if you love historical fiction with mysteries, then this is for you.

Rating: 4 out of 5


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